It should go without saying, but debate or advertisement of any such thing unlawful is certainly not allowed and will end up in obtaining your blocked
It should go without saying, but debate or advertisement of any such thing unlawful is certainly not allowed and will end up in obtaining your blocked

Contact info

We really do not enable you to post personal data for public screen, like their particular personal data, but specifically other's. Violations of other people's confidentiality can lead to a ban.

It certainly is good to be mindful when trading communications tips. A sign of a scammer, phony levels, or anybody doing no-good is when they've been in a rush to offer their unique offsite get in touch with tips prematurely. This could be simply because they would like to get you from OkCupid to allow them to manage talking to you even after we prohibit them, or they have been sharing another person's get in touch with info receive payback on them.

Dona€™t promote their phone number out prematurely - If you hold telecommunications on the dating site, then you're alot more covered. When the consumer are discovered becoming a scammer or enjoys various other terrible states against all of them you might understand profile vanish quickly-- that is most likely because we've blocked them. If a person vanishes and re-appears under another identity, which a really very bad signal. We exclude folks once and for all grounds. If you have considering them their telephone number or email too rapidly then chances are you wona€™t see if we banned them.

If something seems unusual in regards to the way someone was swapping contact info, or if they might be displaying a telephone number or email address prominently on their visibility or pictures, please report.

Illegal actions

It must forgo saying, but topic or advertising of things unlawful is not allowed and certainly will lead to acquiring you banned. This includes illegal intimate acts, drug working, fraud, dangers, or other things that will be against the law. We really do not put up with whatever discussion about underage gender, including dd/lg fantasies.

Minors/ under 18

You should be 18 to make use of OkCupid. We do not enable minors to utilize OkCupid. Although all profiles just allow you to enter an age over 18, often people will sit regarding their era. In the event you a profile of being made by a person that try under Lakeland escort 18, be sure to submit these to all of us.

If we come across anyone to feel knowingly participating in improper conversation with anyone who has unveiled on their own to-be under 18, we're going to in addition exclude that profile.


If an image is completely removed you'll end up emailed and told that this possess occurred and informed that recurring offenses could easily get you prohibited. This alert actually a fake one, and we will ban your bank account for multiple infractions.

Offsite conduct

We manage ban for intense offsite behavior. Kindly report any instances of offsite abuse, assault, harassment, stalking, theft, or anything else illegal or that renders you are feeling risky. (Note: we shall maybe not inform the individual you are stating to united states you have reported them or precisely why they were reported).

In such cases, we inspire one get in touch with law enforcement at the same time, exactly who we're going to cooperate with where recommended.


Be sure to help us by reporting nothing or anyone that doesn't follow all of our people guidelines.

You can document a profile by clicking the 3 dots symbol to take right up a report option. More descriptive training is right here.

A note on untrue revealing: oftentimes we shall prohibit a merchant account when we've found it to be generating untrue states against other users. This may involve flagging/reporting trans or nonbinary consumers with no reasons aside from their own gender or orientation, false/ manufactured states of poor attitude, etc.

One last note: While our neighborhood guidelines include many instances of moderator actions, it's not an exhaustive list, and in addition we carry out wthhold the straight to ban any person from OkCupid unconditionally whenever we read match.

Thank you for the feedback! There is a problem submitting their suggestions. Please attempt again later on.

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