Traditional Colombian Dances You Must Know About
Traditional Colombian Dances You Must Know About

Colombians like to dancing: it is virtually her favorite thing! And contrary to everyday opinion, there are a lot additional types of dancing in Colombia than simply salsa and reggaeton, given that nation is home to wide variety musical genres, every one of which includes unique unique dancing and rhythm. Thus below are a few standard Colombian dances you may not learn about, but should.


Cumbia is one of the most enduringly prominent styles in Colombia; a folkloric design dating back on the colonial course in the Caribbean shore, cumbia was starred on drums, flutes, and percussion tools of African and indigenous beginnings. The dancing is a fantastic spectacle to behold. Mimicking a traditional courtship routine, females dressed in lengthy, colorful dresses circle around men in old-fashioned apparel – white clothing and a regional sombrero.


Porro is yet another Caribbean music category – originating in the region of Sucre – which imitates big band or military marching music. It’s a much livelier and efficient party versus comparatively sedate cumbia style features steadily taken on aspects of other dances, for example cumbia and salsa, over time. A areas to see Porro – which has treasured a renaissance in popularity because the 1980s – is the Festival del Porro in San Pelayo plus the Festival del Porro in Medellin.


Relocating to the Andean regions of Colombia, and you’ll look for Bambuco: probably one of the most essential and influential dances in the nation. Even though it is not as fashionable today, it's got influenced other more modern dances and cultural forms. With a beat construction just like a European waltz or polska, Bambuco is usually a couple’s party: a kind of sensuous waltz, with best brief, sensitive minutes of contact between performers.


A-dance and genre highly influenced because of the African heritage many group regarding the Caribbean coast, champeta is one of the most prominent varieties of sounds and party among teenagers in Colombia. It’s a deeply sexy and sexy preferences that any particular one can grooving by yourself or with somebody, and contains developed a credibility as an especially provocative Colombian dance style.


Very similar to the more well-known Fandango, Joropo are a-dance and musical style that comes from Colombia’s big east plains, or Llanos Orientales. The dancing is much like a waltz, with the dancers very first holding onto the other person, before breaking up and executing a movement that has usually been compared to sweeping the floor.

Salsa Choke

Remember Colombia’s players moving during their globe glass 2014 win over Greece? It grabbed the hearts of a lot neutrals, and also the dancing these were carrying out got the one and only the salsa choke. A somewhat brand-new genre from the Pacific region of Tumaco, salsa choke combines Afro-based rhythms and standard salsa with reggaeton. They turned into popular in Cali – Colombia’s salsa money – and world-famous due to James Rodriguez and company in Brazil. Browse the party moves for salsa choke in significantly popular video clip for Cali movement Latino’s ‘Swagga’ below.


A kind of dancing from Caribbean coastal parts of Colombia, bullerengue is just one of the Colombian dances and genres most directly tied to the area’s African heritage. Usually, best females – who will be usually clothed totally in white – perform this dance, and that is intended to be symbolic of female fertility. The beat of bullerengue dancing is always described by drums, plus the performers normally clap to complement the music and also the beat.

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